About me

I started my career in banking in 1986 at Deutsche Genossenschafts- & Hypothekenbank and from 1988 onwards at Vereins- und Westbank AG, initially as a securities trader responsible for German bonds and foreign securities. From 1991, I worked at the Magdeburg branch and soon took over as branch manager in charge of 14 employees.

In 1995, I moved to HCI, one of the leading providers in the conception and distribution of closed-end funds in Germany. During my management tenure, HCI launched more than 100 funds and became the leading product provider for German banks. My responsibilities as managing director included conception, sales and product development.

In 2004, I founded the Ownership Group together with a business partner. In 2007, it was one of the top ten providers of closed-end funds in Germany. The Ownership Group financed and placed a total of 33 ship funds with an investment volume of about € 1,000 million and a placed equity of about € 350 million. After the beginning of the crisis on the shipping markets in 2009, I was responsible for the restructuring or refinancing of ships with a further volume of almost € 1,000 million.

Since August 2015 I am an independent management consultant and have the following competences:

  • Capital raising for tangible asset projects (real estate, ships, etc.)
  • Development of the financing structure
  • Coordination of discussions with banks, mezzanine financiers as well as equity investors
  • Involvement of tax and legal advisors
  • Development and coordination of complete contracts
  • Ongoing reporting to project stakeholders
  • Brokerage service